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Like many of the turntables available from Digital DJ Music, this Stanton T62 Direct Drive Turntable (Single) provides great reliability along with excellent audio properties. Supplied with a Stanton 500.v3 cartridge and a top-notch slipmat, the turntable is easy to use even when fine control is called for.

The 8 pole, 3 phase, brushless DC motor is perfect for the deck's direct drive mechanism. Using RCA stereo outputs, the T62 offers two normal playback speeds and, controlled by a manual fader, can offer pitch controls of plus or minus 10%. This turntable suits all DJs from professionals to novices.

Based on the Stanton Best Selling Favorite, the T.60, the T.62 is an easy to operate, direct drive turntable perfect for DJs of any style or experience level. The T.62 features a powerful motor with strong torque and a straight tone arm, which provides superior tracking capability for scratch DJs. The T.62 also comes equipped with the legendary Stanton 500.v3 cartridge and a high quality slipmat for added control... offering the perfect set-up for optimum performance.


  • Easy to Operate Direct-Drive Turntable with Professional Features
  • Straight Tone Arm Improves Tracking for Scratching
  • Includes Quality Stanton 500.v3 Cartridge Pre-mounted on Headshell
  • 2 Playback Speeds (33 or 45 RPM)
  • 2 Start/Stop Switches for Mix or Battle Setup
  • Manual Pitch Control Fader (+/- 10% Adjustment)
  • RCA Stereo Outputs
  • Accessories include RCA Cables, Slip Mat, and Dust Cover

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