Live Mixers

Direct and mix your sounds to perfection with our range of studio and live mixers here online with Digital DJ Music. We understand that your mixing equipment is just as important as your turntables and DJ lighting – so we stock big name brands in Mackie, Alto, Gemini and Alesis.

Our DJ mixing equipment is versatile to suit any performance whether at home, in the studio or at a live gig. The Alto Professional ZMX122FX has everything you will need to give a show to remember – not only can you use the first 4 channels for your wireless microphone and condensers but you also have an extra 2 stereo channel input for keyboards, drum machines and other instruments. read more

Our diverse range of live mixers also allow you to plug in your MP3 player, CD player or any audio from a DVD player to send streams of audio to your effects unit and stage monitor. If you just need a digital sound recorder, the DRP-1 from Gemini is a stand-alone piece of kit that can be mounted onto your rack making it easy to add to your DJ gear.

Our compact mixers come with built-in effects and can double as computer recording devices with a user friendly interface so you can mix, record or do both at the same time. Whether you are mixing a live band or sub-mixing a group of inputs - we have the right model for you. The MultiMix 8 USB FX is easy to use and packed with features. It comes with DJ microphone inputs, guitar inputs and a wide range of effects to bring you the best audio in your PA or recording system along with its user friendly computer connection.