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We have a fantastic selection of lasers for sale online and in our DJ store with Digital DJ Music. Enhance your DJ lighting with our range of colours and sizes from brands Kam and Laserworld; we stock everything you need to give a light show to remember - from colour animation lasers with breath-taking, professional animals on a supplied SD card - to 3 in 1 multi FX lasers for room-filling light beams and strobing effects, all coming from just 8 lenses. read more

Here at Digital DJ Music we stock the Kam XY lasers with GBC, RGB and RGY colour combinations for you to pick and choose which lasers and colours you prefer - each Kam XY Laser has built-in software that will control other XY Lasers. All you need to do is set the first laser as a Master and all others as Slaves and they'll follow each other around your club in an impressive multi-colour, 32 patterned DJ lights show that will reach every part of the venue.

Kam are leading the way in DJ lighting and their lasers are innovative designs, incorporating unique technology to recreate lighting effects that you would normally expect from a traditional LED scanner. With remote controls, portability and hundreds of colour combinations to choose from all at great prices, you certainly find what you’re looking for with us online or in our DJ shop today.