Pioneer HRM-7 Studio Monitor Headphones


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The PIONEER HRM-7 STUDIO HEADPHONES from Digital DJ Music are ideal for bass-driven music genres, as they provide a flat and transparent sound and a spectacularly wide frequency range. The dual airflow chambers and damping structure deliver an enhanced bass that's both clean and accurate, and ensure that distortion is minimised.

PIONEER's HRM-7 HEADPHONES are fully enclosed, which provides outstanding sound isolation, yet they are roomy enough around the ear to boost the stereo field, and offer a wide sound stage and clear audio separation.

Robust build quality is a given and care has been taken to ensure the PIONEER HRM-7 STUDIO HEADPHONES perform just as well when it comes to comfort. Large memory foam ear pads, velour covers and an adjustable headband ensure that the HRM-7s are as comfortable at the end of a long studio session as they are at the beginning.


  • Newly developed 40mm HD driver unit reproduce frequencies of up to 40 kHz ensuring pristine high-res soun
  • Boosted airflow (via dual air chambers) and a robust structure ensure a clean and accurate bass response
  • 3-layer damping structure eliminates unwanted resonance for cleaner sounding low-mid frequencies
  • Fully enclosed ear pads deliver optimum sound isolation and reduce ambient noise
  • Large ear chambers allow for a wider sound stage and clear acoustic separation
  • Hybrid memory foam ear pads covered with soft velour fabric provide a snug and comfortable fit

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