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When it comes to synthesizers you don't get much better than the big daddy of powerful, edgy sounds; the fantastic value NOVATION ULTRA NOVA. This is the most advanced, ambitious synth in the NOVA series from renowned brand NOVATION - packed with all the classic sound features you've come to expect, as well as a whole lot more. Fresh, edgy, heavy sounds are at your fingertips with this fantastic piece of kit, which has become an indispensible part of many leading electronic musician's set-ups.

The ULTRA NOVA may pack a sonic punch but NOVATION have kept it lightweight and portable, making it perfect for touring and playing live. Whether you're looking to expand your sonic arsenal, seeking out a centrepiece for a production rig or need a flexible controller, the NOVATION ULTRA NOVA does it all. Featuring a 37-note expressive Fatar keyboard, built-in vocoder, effects, audio interface and VST integration, it's little wonder the critics can't get enough of it.

Unique, bone-shaking sounds are where it's at with the NOVATION ULTRA NOVA. Add a deep richness via three oscillators, noise and rig modulation; create both classic and new sounds with waveforms and cutting-edge wavetables; and sculpt your sound via 2 routable mini-mode filters. The ULTRA NOVA has virtually limitless programming capabilities as well as 18-voice polyphony, so you can play complex synth lines and chords. 

Each one of the patches on the ULTRA NOVA has up to 8 parameters which can be altered using touch-sensitive encoders. Tweak to modify the clarity or add in some grit to your sound; touch to trigger a subtle change; or warp it out of recognition. 

Sound designers will be in their element with the intuitive hands-on editing capabilities offered by the NOVATION ULTRA NOVA. Alter and shape sounds with the 5-way multi-FX processor, or create any sound you can imagine with the modulation matrix, which allows you to connect to any source you choose. 

Difficult to resist? We think so.


  • Up to 18 voices, 14 filter types, 36 wavetables, 5 effect slots, as well as Patch Browse, which enables you to browse 300 sounds by type and genre.
  • Revolutionary new touch-sense controls for sound-shaping and performance. Trigger envelopes, LFOs, filters and effects just by touching the encoders.
  • Large rotary control for instant, detailed control of any parameter.
  • Top quality 37-note expressive keybed with aftertouch and voice-optimised 12-band vocoder with gooseneck mic.
  • Software plug-in editor to view and edit in with software, and Patch Librarian to organise, store and share unlimited patches.
  • Built-in 2 in/4 out USB audio interface, which can be bus powered. Stereo main (analogue & SPDIF) and aux outputs, as well as MIDI in/out/thru ports. Can be used to stream audio to and from a host computer. 

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