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Don't let the size of the MINI NOVA synthesizer from NOVATION fool you. This clever micro synth packs a real punch with a formidable sound engine and effects - making this not only a must-have piece of kit favoured by renowned DJs and producers alike, but also outstandingly good value. Whether you're into your hip hop, urban, techno or simply looking for an extra large helping of bass, the NOVATION MINI NOVA has it covered.

Featuring 256 awesome pre-loaded sounds, as well as room for 128 more of your own, plus access to virtually limitless variations - all at the turn of a knob or push of a button - you can let your creativity run wild with the MINI NOVA. Find the sound you require quickly and easily mid-performance by searching via type or genre. You can also add subtle tweaks via the 4 editing knobs, totally warp the sound via the 8 backlit 'animate' buttons, and pitch and modulation wheels, or throw in awesome filters and effects all in real time... the options are endless.

The MINI NOVA also features some pretty special ways of creating truly unique vocal sounds. Talk, sing, whistle, whatever you like, into the mic, and the VocalTune effect will automatically tune it to the notes you play on the keyboard. Reverb, distortion, gator compression and much more can also be added to your voice to produce some truly unique vocal effects, or you can recreate iconic urban, hip hop, house or techno sounds via the vocoder. The MINI NOVA's VocalTune, vocoder, filters and effects can also be used with instruments or any other audio source. 

The MINI NOVA features a USB port and MIDI i/o so you can hook it up to your laptop and control your music software, or connect it to another keyboard or sound module. It also comes with a free software editor allowing you to fully edit your synth and effects. This is a small instrument with a big sound. 'Impressive sonic weaponry,' said one reviewer - we couldn't agree more.


  • Includes NOVATION's Nova-series synth-engine, which can create and edit massive sounds with up to 18 voices and powerful effects. Add up to 5 effects to each voice including distortion, reverb, chorus/phase, delay, compressor, EQ and Novation's own gator 'stutter' effect
  • 37-key controller keyboard with 8 animate buttons to warp and twist sounds in realtime, a dedicated filter knob, 4 editing knobs and large pitch and modulation wheels.
  • Comes with 256 awesome sounds instantly searchable by type or musical genre. Save and store another 128 of your own
  • VocalTune function, which can recreate iconic urban, hip hop, classic house and techno vocal sounds and effects via the in-built vocoder.
  • Download free soundpacks created by eminent artists and sound designers including Chuckie and Daniel Fisher. Includes a free software editor and a Patch Librarian to store as many of your own sounds or soundpacks as you want.
  • Line input for plugging in a guitar, bass or any other instrument which can be routed through the effects engine or the vocal effects.

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