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This iconic launchpad from Novation is the leading professional grid instrument designed for ultimate live performances. The NOVATION LAUNCHPAD PRO from Digital DJ Music is sleek, lightweight and robust, it features phenomenal functions and places top-notch playability at the forefront of everything it does.

This is the very latest Launchpad from NOVATION's iconic range and has the potential to seriously elevate your performances by injecting unbounded expression and creativity to your music. The 64 pressure-sensitive RGB LED pads illuminate to correspond with the colour of your clips in Ablteon Live's session view, so you can instantly see which clips are playing - even in the darkest of clubs.

With the NOVATION LAUNCHPAD PRO from Digital DJ Music you can play just about anything and instantly switch the layout for drums or instrument devices. In drum mode, your sounds are spread across the entire grid and you can craft expressive beats using the velocity and pressure-sensitive pads. While in instrument mode, the grid acts as a chromatic keyboard, which illuminates as you play and makes playing single notes, melodies and chords simple.

The ultra-slick control and super smooth transitions are what makes the NOVATION LAUNCHPAD PRO such a sought-after piece of kit for faultless live performances. Mixer controls, effects, instrument devices and plug-ins can be accessed immediately mid-performance, so you can inject awesome effects without ever losing your flow. The robust button grid also transforms into 8 velocity-sensitive vertical faders, with illuminated LED feedback, so the harder you hit the pad, the quicker the transition.

The NOVATION LAUNCHPAD PRO also leads the way in terms of versatility, offering the utmost in music-making potential. You can play any of your music software or external hardware using the 64-pad grid; for example, plug it into Logic Pro and play the grid like a keyboard, or connect the MIDI ports to your Bass Station II and play riffs on the pads. The NOVATION LAUNCHPAD PRO can also be connected with multiple Launch products or linked up with the rest of your studio or live set-up. The possibilities are endless.


  • Comes with everything you need to get started, including cables and software, and can be bus-powered over USB. Class compliant, so doesn’t require drivers
  • Features slick, mid-performance controls so you have immediate access to all your mixer controls, effects, instrument devices and plug-ins.
  • Velocity-sensitive pads allow you to craft expressive, dynamic drum beats.
  • Instrument-like playability - simply play notes, melodies and chords on the pads with a classic chromatic keyboard layout.
  • Download and control an impressive library of Max for Live devices, allowing you to build your own creations and enhance Ableton Live's functionalities.
  • Offers hands-on control of your music with seamless Ableton Live integration. RGB pads match the colour of your clips in Ableton Live's session view leaving you to focus on the music. Or use the grid to control any music software and external hardware.

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