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The award-winning NOVATION LAUNCH CONTROL from Digital DJ Music is designed to enable you to play your software like an instrument, so your focus is fixed firmly on the music. No one wants to dilute the thrill of live performing by having to stare at a computer screen, and this clever device means you no longer have to. Its expertly designed, tactile controls are placed directly in your hands - which means making electronic music just got a load more fun.

The NOVATION LAUNCH CONTROL's 16 robust full-sized knobs and 8 rubber multi-coloured LED pads not only feel great, but offer infinite creative possibilities. They can be banked up to 16 times (giving you up to 448 possible controls) and they can be assigned to any element in the Ableton Live software you choose, or switched to your own personal mappings or factory templates. So you can fine tune, tweak and carve out your own unique sound in real time. 

When partnered with NOVATION LAUNCHPAD, the NOVATION LAUNCH CONTROL from Digital DJ Music offers awesome freedom to control your mixer, effects and instruments; play drum racks; and fire off clips - all at once. Built to withstand even the most demanding live gigs, the NOVATION LAUNCH CONTROL is robust and hugely portable. It's fully USB bus powered and there is no need for a power supply, so you can simply plug in and play.

The NOVATION LAUNCH CONTROL is also extremely versatile and works with any modern Mac, PC or iOS device, as well as all major music software, without the need for drivers. It integrates immediately and seamlessly with Ableton Live and Fruity Loops software and comes with Ableton Live Lite as well as an impressive library of samples from Loopmasters.


  • Compact control surface featuring 16 chunky knobs and 8 rubber LED-illuminated pads
  • A perfect partner for the NOVATION LAUNCHPAD, as well as Ableton Live and FL Studio software – plug in and play with built-in mappings, or create your own.
  • Integrates seamlessly with the Launchpad app for iPad – use the pads to trigger effects and clips, and the knobs to control volumes and filters.
  • Robust, portable and bus-powered – even from an iPad. No need for power supplied or drivers.
  • Assign up to 448 controls (activated via eight factory templates and eight user templates banked up to 16 times) to create and save your own set-ups.
  • Comes with Ableton Live Lite music production software, used by countless leading artists, and an extensive sampled library from Loopmasters.

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