How to set up your XDJ-1000 with Traktor Pro

The new version of Traktor has recently graced our presence and here at Digital DJ Music we are very excited. They managed to open up a new HID mode to the Pioneer XDJ-1000s which means that suddenly, our affordable CDJ-style DJ set ups will now work very easily with Traktor. So you can make sure your CDJ or Multiplayer works perfectly with this new version -  we have created a quick guide for you to read below.

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Get your XDJs ready to use with Traktor with these 3 steps...

  1. Update firmware on XDJs to at least 1.04

  2. Update Traktor to at least 2.8: use Service Center

  3. Plug them in

Now all you have to do is choose the deck you want to control on the XDJ-1000s and then instantly all of the controls are mapped and ready to be used again and again. There’s no further setup needed which is remarkably easy for DJs on the go or beginner sound engineers. 

Features that work with XDJ 1000s and Traktor

  1. All playback controls

  2. Browsing the music library

  3. Loading your tracks

  4. Looping and Beatjump

  5. Quantize and Flux modes

Features that don’t work with XDJ 1000s and Traktor 

  1. Reverse mode (there is no such mode in Traktor)

  2. Vinyl start/stop speed knob (You need FX to acheive this in Traktor)

  3. Loop Jump mode (A possible update for this on the way from Pioneer DJ....)

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This new set up now gives you a massive library of songs from Traktor and an easy to use functionality from the classic Pioneer CDJ making it the most versatile set up the moment, despite certain missing features. We are big fans especially at such an affordable price, keep an eye out for more updates as Pioneer DJ and Native Instruments will no doubt be working on updating it very soon.



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