How to protect your DJ gear

Your DJ equipment will undoubtedly be the most important aspect of  your career as a DJ - and ironically the most dangerous place you can take all of your kit will be out and about to your gigs. From wedding receptions to Ibiza club nights, DJ gear is precious and who knows what could happen when left in a vulnerable DJ booth... surrounded by drinks, glow sticks and wandering hands! Perish the thought.

Never fear music lovers - we’ve come up with some great ideas on how to maintain control of your kit, keep your equipment safe and make it home with you in one piece. 

1) Buy protection

As simple as it may sound,  you'd be surprised as the amount of DJs that turn up to gigs with their mixer under their arm. This is not best practice for keeping your gear safe in transit. Whether you buy a decksaver, gig bag or flight case, protect the device as best you can between uses using the correct case or bag to avoid any unfortunate (yet avoidable) incidents.


2) Check out the DJ booth

It's important to know that if you are playing a new venue, or you've never seen the DJ booth before whether you need to make any adjustment to your set up - this could mean bringing certain styles of gear or lighting etc. Try and head down the night before to scope it out. This booth will be your home for the next evening, so you need to make sure it feels like it.

3) Elevate your gear

If possible, the ideal set up would be to have your gear elevated away from the booth table. This not only gives you easier access to your DJ controllers - your kit is also safely out of reach from drink spillages or any other hazards. You can buy controller and laptop stands that are easy to transport directly online with us or in our DJ store. 


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4) Be a booth dictator

Don't be afraid to be vigilant and controlling over who and what comes into the booth when you occupy it. Try to make friends with the club security too, they will be able to watch your area for you and control how close patrons, and their drinks, can get to you. 

5) Make a pack down list

In the hustle and bustle of a busy club whilst having to quickly set up or take down your kit for the next DJ or if you're feeling tired after close at the end of a long night - there's a chance you can lose or forget to pack up certain items of your equipment. Make sure you write a list of everything you took with you, and go through confirming each item is secure before you set off home. 


We hope this helps with your next gig! For any other equipment queries please get in touch with our team here

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