Studio keyboards for beginners and professionals.

Studio keyboards can be purchased online from Digital DJ Music. For beginners, or even professionals, it can often be difficult to choose a new keyboard. With that said, we have outlined a few things to be considered when looking for a new studio keyboard read more

7 Factors to consider when choosing studio keyboards.

Before buying studio keyboard, there are a few things that you need to take into consideration. Below, we have listed the key factors that you should consider before selecting a keyboard.

1. Budget

A wide range of keyboards are available for use in the studio. There are keyboards out there that are suitable for starters and professionals alike. For starters, you can settle for an average keyboard. Second-hand keyboards are not recommended since you are not sure of what state it will be in when you get it home, although if you know the person, then there shouldn’t be an issue. When you have furthered you skills, you can find yourself a better quality studio keyboard further down the line.

2. How many keys do you want?

Similarly, there are various options when it comes to the number of keys. You can settle for a mini compact which comes in 25, 32, 37, 49 and the most famous 61. The highest number of keys you will find is 88, equalling that of a real piano. Choose what you are comfortable with.

3. Portability

Do you need to be carrying your keyboard around with you? Or is it a stay at home-studio kind of a keyboard. If you are carrying the keyboard with you to various places, then you should greatly consider the size when purchasing. If it is a sit at home kind of a keyboard, then you can take the biggest available.

4. Functionality

You need to establish the kind of additional functions that you want your studio keyboards to have. Additional functions such as buttons, arpeggiators, pitch bend wheels, mod, and knobs, improve your usage of the keyboard and increase the versatility of the studio keyboard.

5. Mini pads

Another factor that you should put into consideration is whether you require a studio keyboard which has pads on it. Most of the modern keyboards have drum pads which are within the 8-16 count range and have 3-4 possible banks.

6. Software

If you care much about the functionality of your keyboard, then you similarly care about the software that has been installed in your keyboard. Choose a keyboard with software that you feel comfortable with.

7. Brand preference

Reputation is everything. When purchasing a studio keyboard ensure you buy it from a reliable dealer and for that matter an original model of the keyboard. With so many counterfeits available, you might want to first check the online reviews of the dealer if you are purchasing online. If you are purchasing offline, market survey and brand research will be a necessity.

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