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Welcome to Digital DJ Music, the UK's leading online DJ and studio equipment store. You've landed on the DJ turntables page, where you'll find the best and latest DJ turntable brands including Akai Professional, Numark, Pioneer DJ, Reloop and Stanton. If you're an experienced DJ or club DJ you'll likely know exactly what turntable you're after, if you are new to the DJ world you may not, therefore we wanted to use this page as an opportunity to advise you on your options when choosing DJ equipment.

If you have the dream of being a DJ, electrifying the mood in a party, or making a main event come alive, getting your first DJ equipment can be a challenge. Here's a beginners guide and some tips on what to buy and what to avoid.

You should first do your homework. Beginners just starting out in DJ-ing must know that it's a cut-throat world they are venturing into. What you need to do is get your priorities straight by getting the basics correct before trying out anything, starting with your DJ setup. Go online, watch YouTube videos, read product reviews and forums from Djing sites. Make sure that you leave nothing out in your quest to find the best DJ setup for you. read more

Finding the ideal DJ equipment for beginners is not an easy task. There are several types of equipment available on the market. You should be aware that just as there are high quality products, you can get some that are not. Again, knowing the difference can be tricky. We always recommend you pick up the phone, Digital DJ Music can save you time and money with professional advice. We are a team of DJ's, this is what we do. If we move our focus back to DJ turntables:


Most budget turntables are players in plastic casing with built-in speakers. These are all you need to try vinyl or listen to an old record collection. But if you want a warmer, richer sound that vinyl brings, then you'll need to dig deeper into your pockets. Buying high-end equipment will give you noticeable improvements. But it also gets complicated here.

Manual vs. Automatic

When purchasing a DJ turntable, you have the choice between manual and automatic. It is the method used to place the needle on and remove it from the record. Most mid to high-end turntables are manual.

Differences in rotational speeds

There are two different speeds at which most records play. These rates are measured in revolutions per minute (RPM). Singles, play at 45 RPM while albums and EP's, play at 33 RPM. Every turntable supports both speeds.

Most turntables are vulnerable to vibration. The waves happen when the needle travels through the grooves in a record to create sound. External vibrations will also be turned into a humming sound. The needle can jump and skip due to excessive vibration. The turntable should be placed on a sturdy surface far from any potential disturbance. Alternatively, you can pick up an isolation system or a specially designed turntable shelf that reduces vibration.

The use of lightweight components can self-impose vibrations. For this reason, you might need to consider how upgradeable a turntable is before purchasing it.

Are the parts be upgradable?

How upgradeable a system is depends on the price the player. Entry-level systems are ready to go right out of the box, while higher-end models can be expanded with extra components.

Digitising your analog records

Consider whether you want an analog player with a separate digital music collection or a turntable with a USB port that can be used to make your vinyl collection digital.

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