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Professional DJ headphones from the leading DJ brands

The right set of headphones is one of the most important weapons in a DJ’s arsenal. It is crucial to bring a professional set of DJ headphones to all your gigs and perhaps a backup should something go wrong. Djing has become much easier over the years due to the technology available in the DJ market, therefore it's more vital than ever before to get it right. To help bring it all together, a DJ needs the best DJ headphones available to cue up the best point to bring in the next track, as smoothly as possible. At Digital DJ Music you'll find a fantastic selection of all the latest DJ headphone brands, including Pioneer DJ, Denon DJ and Numark.

With so many DJ headphones in the market, deciding on the best professional DJ headphones may be a daunting task. As a newbie to the Djing industry make sure that you always get the right headphones and do your research. As you browse through our site you'll see we always recommend you give us a call - our advice is free and could save you both time and money. read more

Features to consider when buying professional DJ headphones

The right set of DJ headphones can make a huge difference to how you play and monitor your show. Whether you're a club DJ or you spin discs at parties, a well-designed pair of headphones will help you stay comfortable on those long gigs. At the same time, they give you a solid sense of the sounds you are playing and lining up. Here are a few considerations when purchasing DJ headphones:

Sound quality: A DJ requires headphones that can reproduce deep bass and clear crisp notes. The better the headphones, the better you can perform.

Comfort and durability: DJ headphones take a beating and since you'll be wearing them for long stretches, they need to be comfortable. Using poorer quality headphones might compromise your health especially your hearing. Durable headphones will save you money in the long run. Invest wisely.

Weight and portability: An ordinary headphone set may be heavy unlike a professional DJ headphone set. DJ headphones should not be uncomfortable when used for DJing.

Go for designs that are relatively compact and can comfortably fit in your DJ bag with all your other gear. But make sure they are durable enough to be packed with your other equipment and still not get damaged. Your DJ sets and all the other equipment should be compatible with one another. A professional DJ headphone set will take your gig to the next level.

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Digital DJ Music are experienced retailers and DJ's who have been in the music scene for over 20 years, this means we can genuinely guide you towards the equipment you'll need no matter whether you are performing to thousands or dropping some beats in your home studio, we will have the ideal equipment for your playing style. We would like to become your preferred choice when it comes to all things DJ and music production. When you shop online with us you'll find the best DJ headphones from all of the top brands including Pioneer DJ, Denon DJ and Numark.

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Digital DJ Music's price promise means we can match any UK DJ store's price, no matter what the product is! So if you have found a better price for one of the pro headphones that we stock, then please give us a call and let us know. If you are looking for specific DJ headphones but cannot find what you are looking for, or perhaps need some advice on what's the best professional DJ headphones for your requirements? Please call us, our advice and technical support is second to none, free and could save you time and money in the long-run. Our main aim is for you to find the perfect equipment and make the right purchase to help further your career and / or love for music.

Digital DJ Music are also very proud to be authorised dealers for many of the top DJ and studio equipment brands. We have a fantastic relationship with our suppliers, one which has been built on trust and proven reliability over time. When you shop with Digital DJ Music that's exactly what you'll get - A trusted and reliable service that gives you the best before and after customer care coupled with the best products at the best prices. Please read our Trustpilot reviews to see how good we are at what we do! It's something we are very proud of. Digital DJ Music is founded and run by experienced and specialist staff. We're focused on providing you with the latest and most in demand products from the biggest brands in the DJ and music technology market.

If you are looking for the latest DJ headphones, then you've come to the right place - Digital DJ Music!

Here at Digital DJ Music we don’t just stock industry approved, sound cancelling headphones for our professional DJs; we also sell a wide range of in-ear headphones for your MP3 player and for use DJ-ing on the go, all available with us online or in our DJ store. Whether you are a DJ or music producer, we are sure to have the best DJ headphones for you and your audio preference whilst never comprimising on your comfort or sound quality. read more

Our top of the range DJ headphones come with freely adjustable headbands and velour covered, memory foam cushions - making them comfortable and easy to wear in long studio sessions or at late night club sets. Made from lightweight and highly resilient materials, our over-ear and in-ear personal headphones deliver an elegant coherency between design and mechanics, giving you a luxurious, full spectrum noise quality with every use. 

Check out the industry standard Pioneer DJ headphones or kevlar-reinforced cables on our range from Nocs for the leaders in personal listening technology. Looking for the latest in perfect sound? We stock Sennheiser DJ headphones, KRK and Audio Technica DJ headphones to name but a few, all recommended by the top audio engineers and music producers for guaranteed quality and reliable results.