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DJ controller emulates the traditional DJ setup and overall workflow when connected to a computer. You can mix, scratch, control effects and navigate through your computer library. Technology has made it possible to combine turntables and mixers into one piece of gear that syncs up seamlessly with your computer unlike previously when a DJ had to carry both.

The world of DJ controllers can be tricky to navigate. Picking out a DJ controller is more complicated since the DJ software must be compatible and is a huge consideration. Not all DJ controllers are created equal. For a beginner DJ, controllers are a great first buy because the barrier to entry isn't high. Digital software like Traktor and Serato make mixing much easier to learn. Their interfaces are also less intimidating than CDJ's. For the pro, well you'll probably already know what you are looking for, but if you do need any assistance, please don't hesitate to call us!

DJ Controllers come in all sizes and shapes. Some act as all-in-one piece of equipment while others are specially made for a network of controls, like FX control gear, mixer, or stand-alone scratching platters. An all-in-one DJ controller is recommended for beginners. Most of them are universally compatible with several DJ software options. Some brands that have a dedicated software specifically made for their program. Serato DJ and Native Instruments Traktor make instruments with particular features and buttons that only control functions of their own software. These are designed for advanced users and are not recommended for amateurs.  read more

How to choose your beginner DJ controller

Some considerations should be looked into when shopping for your DJ controller:

Budget: There is a relatively wide range here depending on how crazy you want to get. DJ controllers targeting beginners are more affordable. The professional or more experienced DJ obviously wants the best - we cater for both.

Functionality: There are the necessary scratch plates, faders, built-in audio interfaces, knobs and sliders for special effects, performance. Several external control features come with a controller. Again, if you are new to the game we recommend you give is a call.

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Digital DJ Music are experienced retailers and DJ's who have been in the music scene for over 20 years, this means we can genuinely guide you towards the equipment you'll need no matter whether you are performing to thousands or dropping some beats in your home studio, we will have the ideal equipment for your playing style. We would like to become your preferred choice when it comes to all things DJ and music production. When you shop online with us you'll find the best DJ controllers from all of the top brands including Pioneer DJ, Native Instruments and Numark.

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Digital DJ Music's price promise means we can match any UK DJ store's price, no matter what the product is! So if you have found a better price for one of the DJ controllers that we stock, then please give us a call and let us know. If you are looking for specific DJ controller but cannot find what you are looking for, or perhaps need some advice on what's the best professional DJ controller for your requirements? Please call us, our advice and technical support is second to none, free and could save you time and money in the long-run. Our main aim is for you to find the perfect equipment and make the right purchase to help further your career and / or love for music.

Digital DJ Music are also very proud to be authorised dealers for many of the top DJ and studio equipment brands. We have a fantastic relationship with our suppliers, one which has been built on trust and proven reliability over time. When you shop with Digital DJ Music that's exactly what you'll get - A trusted and reliable service that gives you the best before and after customer care coupled with the best products at the best prices. Please read our Trustpilot reviews to see how good we are at what we do! It's something we are very proud of. Digital DJ Music is founded and run by experienced and specialist staff. We're focused on providing you with the latest and most in demand products from the biggest brands in the DJ and music technology market.

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Here at Digital DJ Music you will find a wide and varied range of DJ controllers for sale. Whether you play at home or in front of thousands; you will find the latest MIDI and USB DJ controllers all perfect for your DJ set up right here online or in store at fantastic prices. read more

For the professional digital DJ we have a great selection of DJ supplies and big name brands including Pioneer DJ, Native Instruments and Numark in stock; all ready to connect with your laptop and smartphone. Your DJ software and new DJ controller will give you a seamless operation and complete connectivity with your DJ deck stand in the club or recording studio.

Our DJ MIDI controllers offer a multitude of features and performance elements that set them apart from the ordinary class of DJ decks additions,  and their transportability makes them an essential part of your touring DJ kit. With all of these added features, its amazing they still come at extraordinary value on sale both in store and online with us at Digital DJ Music.