Denon VL12 Prime Turntable


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The Denon VL12 Prime turntable is a high-torque professional record deck that provides excellent feel and audio reproduction in a modern design.

Denon’s VL12 has been carefully thought out and designed to provide a modern turntable that delivers excellent functionality and audio. An isolated motor helps keep vibrations to a minimum which in turno keeps the vinyl’s playback as pure as possible, whilst an S-shaped tone-arm and solid metal tone-arm base keeps everything anchored and helps deliver a well constructed premium feel.

Adjustable torque settings are available on the Denon VL12 and a pitch range that spans from +/-6% all the way up to a staggering 50% provides both accuracy and creativity for the user. A built in RGB LED halo lights up the platter with custom control over both colour and brightness for bespoke and striking look.



  • Isolated motor design eliminates unwanted vibration
  • S-shaped tone arm for accurate tracking
  • Rugged all-metal tone arm base
  • Adjustable pitch range: ±6%, 10%, 16%, 50%
  • Switchable Low and High torque motor settings
  • Built-in RGB lighting illuminates platter’s edge
  • Color select and brightness controls
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