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Reloop are a company created by DJs, for DJs and has fast become one of the top 5 brands for DJ equipment worldwide. From keypads to digital mixers we stock the best selection of their range including turntables so you really can choose the right piece of DJ equipment for you no matter what the skill level.

The Reloop Beatmix 4 is a performance-oriented 4 channel pad controller for Serato software. Both companies have teamed up to develop a creative and ergonomic DJ controller to work seamlessly with this well know DJ software, so the DJ can just plug in and start mixing whether they are in the studio or the club. A special feature of this product is the Serato sampler control, with the dedicated volume fader you can start and stop samples by the pad section without losing concentration on the mixing. read more

For the more advanced  Digital DJ Reloop have developed the Terminal Mix 8 which is a 4 deck pad based performance controller, perfect for professional club DJs looking for the ultimate live performances. With its creative effect manipulation and unique DJ controller functions – this product is perfect for a DJ looking to make an impression.

We also have Reloop DJ speakers for sale online, their ADM 5 active DJ monitor speakers are perfect for the home DJ set up, and their compact design and remarkable sound spectrum make them the perfect addition to the home to save space without losing any of the sound quality.