M-Audio is one of the most respected names in music and studio solutions, well known for their keyboards, DJ controller products and essential music hardware such as monitors and microphones - we are proud to have their most innovative DJ equipment for sale here on online in our Digital DJ store.

We have a fantastic range of studio monitors for sale from M-Audio, like the AV42 Studio Monitors which unlike plastic multimedia speakers, the AV40s are built with trusted technology from leading musicians and engineers. They come with premium woofer and tweet components for rich lows and sharp highs; perfect for creating all types of music and making the most of your DVDs and MP3s.read more

For the Digital DJ why not try the M-Audio Keystation 49  keyboard controller? This simple MIDI controller is designed for playing through your computer and feathers 49 full size keys and a series of controls, octave range buttons, pitch blend and many more – you can even record with your music software without a mouse or trackpad.

The M-Audio is the perfect solution for your DJ gear if you like to record your own music. This easy to use product allows you to plug in to your computer and microphone and you are ready to go. Ableton Live Lite software is available along with Waves plugins, so you really are in safe hands when you start recording your next big hit.