Alesis Nitro 8-Piece Electronic Drum Kit


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Expansive Connectivity
The Alesis Nitro kit not only looks and sounds good but provides added connectivity for a range of different applications. The kit features an AUX input that allows you to play music via CDs, MP3s and other devices that are directly from your jack output. This is ideal for modern day players as you can play along to your favourite songs or practice with your own band's music. A USB/MIDI connection is also incorporated for use with virtual instruments and recording software, allowing you to record professional drum-tracks into your DAW or manipulate the sounds already found within the kit. The kit also features a standard headphone output so you can play in private.

Play-Along Functions
The Nitro kit features a built-in sequencer, metronome and performance recorder for added versatility. This allows you to record along to a regimented rhythm and also record your drum sessions while you play for later use. The kit also features 60 built-in play-along tracks to sharpen your skills when it comes to performing with other instruments. There are also stereo line outputs to let you connect the kit to any PA or sound-system.

High Response Drum Pads
At the centre of the Alesis Nitro kit are quality sounding, good feeling drums and cymbals. The 8’’ drums provide pads large enough to have an easy striking surface, with the rubber top material giving a dynamic, natural response. The 10’’ cymbals offer a similarly active feel, with each section of the pad giving a realistic recreation of the sound caused by an acoustic. The cymbals’ height is fully adjustable thanks to the rack design, meaning you can the kit fully tailored to your preference. The kick drum is attached to a pedal that gives a comfortable, realistic response.


  • 8 Piece Kit with Free SubZero Headphones and Drumsticks
  • 5'' Dynamic Premium Quality Rubber Pads
  • LCD Display to Easily Access Sounds
  • Built-In Sequencer and Metronome
  • Easy to Construct, Lightweight Rack

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