Yamaha F335 Guitar Review

Yamaha around the world is best known for manufacturing cars and motorbikes but in Japan, Yamaha has been involved in producing high-end musical instruments for more than over six decades now. The best part about Yamaha musical instruments is that they are very budget-friendly. The recently launched Yamaha F335 is no different. It is a very low priced guitar that comes with promising built and outstanding sound output. It currently ranks amongst the top best budget-friendly entry level guitars of 2018. In this Yamaha F335 Guitar Review we will discuss the pros and cons.

Yamaha F335 Guitar

First look

Staying true to all other Yamaha guitars, the F335 makes no exception in being very plain looking. As far as the visual aesthetics for this guitar are concerned, they are very poor. If looks were to impress, this guitar would definitely not because there is nothing special in what you see. But when you look at the price tag for the same guitar, you might feel a little more partial to its looks.

Design and built

The one word we would like to use for this guitar is ‘solid’ because that’s what it is. F335 guitar is sturdy and solid and very well-built. The wood that has been used for the guitar construction is not exactly best quality but this can actually work in your benefit. Glued together wooden built gives this guitar greater strength and less chances of damage.


One of the main concerns about using a guitar for newbie players is how easy or difficult would it be to use. As far as the structure of this guitar is concerned, the top Tupperware is very far stretched. Entry level users would find it very hard to hold, play and reach for the strings on the sturdy top – all at the same time.


The only thing that we have nothing bad to say about for F335 guitar is its functionality. The sound is not as thick or high as you would hope but for laminated wood it definitely isn’t too low.

Final word

Yamaha F335 qualifies as a wonderful addition to the FG guitar family and a perfect choice for amateur guitarists. At a very low cost, this guitar is all-things wonderful. Of course, if you are looking for a better looking guitar you can find it out there. But if your preference is playability and durability over looks – F335 is definitely going to make you very happy.