Tips For Learning How To Play The Acoustic Guitar

Whenever we think of musical abilities, be it singing or playing an instrument, we tend to think of persons who have ‘natural abilities.’ However, the truth is, all of these creative musical expressions can be learned. Essentially, they are skills that can be taught and over time somewhat mastered. That said, below we take a closer look at the art of learning to play the acoustic guitar.

Acoustic Guitar

Tips for Learning How to Play the Acoustic Guitar

As intimated above, any instrument can be taught, learned and mastered and the acoustic guitar is no different. There are many options available for those who wish to learn this instrument. Best of all, these options are available for persons who find themselves in a wide range of circumstances. Whether you are on a budget or in a region where no classes may be available nearby, there is still an option for you. Here is what you need to know to get you started.

1. Get an instrument

Of course, if you are going to learn to play the acoustic guitar, it is ideal if you have your own instrument to practice. This will help ensure that you can practice anytime you wish or need to and can even help fast-track your learning. If there are no music or electronics stores near you that may sell acoustic guitars, you can opt to buy one online using one of the thousands of available e-commerce options available. Best of all, you will not need to leave the comfort of your own home or neighborhood to do this and the instrument will be delivered right to your door.

2. Find a suitable class

The best place to start looking for best guitar lessons is in and around your neighborhood, city or town. Admittedly, you may not necessarily find a class nearby. If this is the case, then your next best option is to try and learn at a distance using the miracle of technology. The best thing with this option is that you are able to learn in the privacy of your own home and at your own pace. Add that to the reality of owning your own instrument and you are will be churning out songs on the acoustic guitar in no time.

How to Choose the Right Learning Environment

Unsurprisingly, once you bring the world wide web into the picture, the opportunities for learning to play guitar are endless. Admittedly, however, all the available options are good ones. As such, it is important to decipher between which options are high-quality and should be considered. Two things you can consider in this regard, include:

A. Track record

Any guitar learning options available (particularly those online) is bound to have a track record of students or learners who are making steady progress learning the instrument. As such, it is important to look out for independent reviews and testimonials regarding the competence and success rate of any given teacher. Use this information as part of your decision making when deciding on the kind of course(s) you wish to enroll in or teacher you would like to learn from.

B. It does not have to cost a fortune

Thanks to platforms like YouTube (and the many talented persons freely sharing their knowledge and resources there), these days, getting started costs little to no money. As such, if you are an absolute novice at playing the acoustic guitar, chances are you can get started using one of these free or cost-effective options. Admittedly, if you are an intermediate player (or as you get better) you will find that you will have to start paying more for higher knowledge.

Yamaha F335 Guitar Review

Yamaha around the world is best known for manufacturing cars and motorbikes but in Japan, Yamaha has been involved in producing high-end musical instruments for more than over six decades now. The best part about Yamaha musical instruments is that they are very budget-friendly. The recently launched Yamaha F335 is no different. It is a very low priced guitar that comes with promising built and outstanding sound output. It currently ranks amongst the top best budget-friendly entry level guitars of 2018. In this Yamaha F335 Guitar Review we will discuss the pros and cons.

Yamaha F335 Guitar

First look

Staying true to all other Yamaha guitars, the F335 makes no exception in being very plain looking. As far as the visual aesthetics for this guitar are concerned, they are very poor. If looks were to impress, this guitar would definitely not because there is nothing special in what you see. But when you look at the price tag for the same guitar, you might feel a little more partial to its looks.

Design and built

The one word we would like to use for this guitar is ‘solid’ because that’s what it is. F335 guitar is sturdy and solid and very well-built. The wood that has been used for the guitar construction is not exactly best quality but this can actually work in your benefit. Glued together wooden built gives this guitar greater strength and less chances of damage.


One of the main concerns about using a guitar for newbie players is how easy or difficult would it be to use. As far as the structure of this guitar is concerned, the top Tupperware is very far stretched. Entry level users would find it very hard to hold, play and reach for the strings on the sturdy top – all at the same time.


The only thing that we have nothing bad to say about for F335 guitar is its functionality. The sound is not as thick or high as you would hope but for laminated wood it definitely isn’t too low.

Final word

Yamaha F335 qualifies as a wonderful addition to the FG guitar family and a perfect choice for amateur guitarists. At a very low cost, this guitar is all-things wonderful. Of course, if you are looking for a better looking guitar you can find it out there. But if your preference is playability and durability over looks – F335 is definitely going to make you very happy.

Yamaha FG700S Guitar Review

A worthy addition to the Yamaha FG guitar family is the Yamaha FG700S. This acoustic guitar is a tremendous addition to the family. It is visually very appealing but is also outstanding as far as the functionality and performance of the guitar goes! What makes this guitar even more amazing, in addition to its solid nato back, is its price. This is an extreme supreme quality acoustic guitar with great sound output that you get for an amazingly low cost.

Yamaha FG700S Guitar

First impression

To begin with, it must be said that Yamaha has put a lot of effort into the design and outlook of this guitar. With the nato back and sitka spruce top; there is definitely effort to impress the on-lookers. Unfortunately, despite the minor changes, the ordinary ‘average’ acoustic guitar look does not go away. It strongly gave us a feeling of déjà vu, to say the least!

Design & built

Coming to the next most important thing for any acoustic guitar is it’s built. Pleasingly, FG700S Yamaha manages to pull off another high quality stint with superior rosewood used as the primary material for this guitar. The hardware is definitely well-built. It will work for the user for a few years very easily; this again is a great value for money.

Sound output

We were not impressed with the first look of this guitar to our much disappointment. But the sound output leaves us nothing short of impressed. As soon as you start playing this little friend, it delivers. The volume is the perfect pitch and high enough. The sound is thick and extremely well-balanced. It is one of its kinds of entry level acoustic guitars as it adapts to all styles of music playing seamlessly. If we were disappointed with what we saw, we became just as pleased with what we heard. The tones are rich and bass is coordinated. We are definitely all praised for this guitar as far as its sound output is concerned.

Final word

To conclude things, let’s put it this way. Yes, Yamaha has yet again not done anything majestically amusing with the overall look of the guitar. But we are not complaining because as all other Yamaha guitars, FG700S pleases its audience with magnificent performance. Superior functionality is the highlight of this guitar. A great price with durable rosewood material built and great functions – Yamaha FG700S is a winner in our book.